FemForce women's self defense workshop

Note: Please read the disclaimer below before booking your spot. 


Saturday, August 27

Suffolk Y JCC
74 Hauppauge Rd
Commack, NY, 11725


2pm - 3pm

$87 per person

About the Course:

This workshop is designed to equip anybody with the practical skills and confidence to defend themselves and their loved ones in situations of physical danger.

During this 1-hour live training class, FemForce's Head Instructor, Angelique Snair, will guide attendees through the basics of safety awareness, and critically important physical defense techniques, to help ensure confidence and peace of mind in any situation. 

The training covers more than just physical techniques. It also addresses fear control, easy situational awareness, and smart strategies in crisis situations. We're warm, welcoming, and will guide you step by step in a supportive, respectful, and encouraging environment.

Just come as you are - we'll do the rest. 



By booking your attendance at this workshop, you accept the relevant terms and conditions, which include this disclaimer:

Although every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure the safety and wellbeing of attendees at this workshop, and although the training is designed with the utmost safety of participants in mind and conducted under careful and thorough supervision, you hereby agree to entirely absolve FemForce Empowerment, its proprietors, members, instructors, and assistants, from any legal claim that may arise from injury, harm, loss or damage of property, or any other reason, incurred during this workshop or as a consequence of attendance


Our training workshops are designed to be extremely safe, user-friendly, and fun! The training is suited to everyone regardless of physical condition or ability. You learn easy-to-apply techniques at your own pace, with a qualified instructor present to assist and guide you.

Tell your friends - and encourage a loved one or a buddy to come too!

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What we’ll be covering

The FemForce Essential Self Defense Workshop is designed to give you the most useful and practical self defense skills in a format that’s simple, powerful, and easy to learn and remember.

At this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Automatic threat awareness and avoidance techniques
  • Highly effective striking techniques and how to get to vital targets
  • Practical escapes from grabs, hold & chokes
  • How to use everyday objects like a pen as a powerful self defense tool

We’ll also be sharing a few pointers on anti-abduction techniques and the basic principles of what to do in an active shooter situation.

Our workshops are interactive and fun - we’re a community.

The training we provide is 100% professional, safe, and suited to everyone regardless of fitness or physical ability. Just come as you are!


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